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5 Good Reasons to Hire our Private Live Band for Your Wedding.

More and more couples are choosing to hire a private music group to enhance their ceremony, and we'll explain why right away.

1 - Music We Love

A private music group ensures an ambiance that suits us 100%. With our private wedding live band in Paris, you get to choose the music that suits you and your guests perfectly. If your grandmother isn't a big fan of "electro," no problem; together, we can select a varied and eclectic repertoire that will get everyone moving. Vintage music, soul, pop, variety - with Your Dream Band, the choice is yours!

2 - One Less Stress

When you hire a private music group, you entrust them with your evening. Because with Your Dream Band, we will have taken great care to determine the exact ambiance you want to create at your celebration, on the big day, you'll have only one thing to do: EN-JOY!

3 - Incredible Energy for an Exceptional Day

All our singers and musicians are passionate individuals, and when they step on stage, they have one thing in mind: to share their passion with you. Our premium live band is composed of professionals, all radiating sunny and positive energy. While they will set the room on fire for the evening, we also offer a much more solemn ambiance for the ceremony.

4 - Dancing Guests

Good vibes, great music, a smiling and relaxed live band ? That's the magic recipe to get everyone dancing and make all your guests feel at ease. Bringing all generations onto the dance floor is also the key to a successful wedding.

5 - An Original and Unique Wedding

Having real musicians at your wedding will add warmth and elegance that you won't get from a simple DJ. With Your Dream Band, all styles of orchestras are possible, and your guests will remember its uniqueness, cheerfulness, and energy. For your wedding, our wedding band will set your evening on fire!


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