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Like in your dreams

YOUR DREAM BAND is a private party orchestra and tailor-made music producer. All from the world of song and entertainment, creating a quality and modern orchestra is our main objective. Our concept is to please you! We create a tailor-made orchestra with the number of musicians and singers of your choice. Several options can be offered to you, depending on your budget, your expectations and above all the atmosphere you want to give to your event.


What sets us apart? A resolutely modern artistic direction, authentic and personalized support as well as a demanding execution for each performance. Our talented and passionate team of musicians are dedicated to the art of live music, transforming each performance into a symphony of creativity and passion.


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Your wedding is an unforgettable moment. Together we create a unique musical experience! From the melodies of the ceremony to the festivities of the evening, our YDB artistic team offers you quality services, with the best artists on the international scene and tailor-made booking. Opt for the live DJ or Orchestra formula to be as close as possible to the desired atmosphere.

Explore our live DJ formula, a perfect balance between the efficiency of a DJ and our musical artists. The captivating rhythms of the percussion and the energy of our saxophonist will bring you unparalleled festive entertainment. - Ideal for intoxicating and energetic Electro atmospheres. This formula makes it possible to expand the repertoire even further, to begin the second part of the evening with a more clubbing part.



Raised in a musical environment since his childhood, Jérémy White is himself a musician, songwriter, and member of a group signed with Universal. In 2019, he created YOUR DREAM BAND with the desire to bring more modernity and creativity to musical event entertainment.


Today, it provides you with a young and daring team, to offer you prestigious musical performances. His experience of the stage, his demands towards the artists of his orchestra and his undeniable human qualities have allowed YOUR DREAM BAND to rise among the best.


 The YDB team will be able to assist you in choosing the entertainment & musical production for all your events! Weddings, religious or family ceremonies, gala evenings or works councils, etc.



Paris, 8th

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