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Discover Our Brand-New DJ Live

Are you dreaming of a luxurious wedding with a unique and personalized musical ambiance? Looking for an orchestra capable of keeping your guests on the dance floor until dawn, with a diverse repertoire perfectly tailored to your tastes? Look no further, our DJ Live is the ideal solution for you.

The DJ Live is an innovative fusion of the talent of a professional DJ and the captivating performance of a live band. Composed of a trumpeter, two guitarists, a saxophonist, a trombonist, and a DJ, this group has been carefully selected to create a team that will ignite your evenings.

An Unforgettable Summer with the Magic of DJ Live

Do you want to transform your wedding, birthday, or any other party into an exceptional and unforgettable event? Are you looking for a tailor-made musical entertainment full of surprises and capable of moving you?

Get ready to be enchanted by the DJ Live, the musical avant-garde that transforms events!

The Perfect Alliance Between a DJ and Live Musicians

The DJ Live represents the ideal alliance between a DJ and live musicians. The DJ ensures continuous entertainment throughout your evening by selecting your favorite tracks, ensuring smooth transitions, and energizing the dance floor.

The live musicians enhance this experience by performing live on the tracks chosen by the DJ, adding an original and dynamic dimension to your evening. Opting for the DJ Live means choosing a festive atmosphere that will carry your guests until the first light of dawn!

A Dynamic Set that Adapts to Your Audience

Our DJ Live is a master at adapting to the ambiance and preferences of your audience. Capable of deciphering the atmosphere of the evening, he adjusts his set to respond to the guests’ reactions, ensuring a dynamic and personalized musical experience. By seamlessly transitioning between musical genres and collaborating with the live musicians at the right moments, he offers a varied and tailor-made show that will thrill all your guests.

Get Ready to Vibe: Our Tips to Maximize Your Experience with DJ Live

You’ve chosen our DJ Live for your next party, and you’ve made the right choice! You’re going to experience an exceptional evening, with high-quality musical entertainment, making your event a unique and memorable moment.


As you can see, the DJ Live is the perfect solution to transform your next party into a memorable event. It skillfully combines the talent of a professional DJ with that of a live band, offering top-notch musical entertainment.

This customized service is perfectly aligned with your personal preferences, the ambiance of your event, and your budget. You’ll enjoy a unique and personalized musical experience that promises to enchant your ears and leave a lasting impression.

Choosing a DJ Live ensures that your party will be unforgettable and will hold a special place in the hearts of your guests.

Don’t wait any longer and contact us now to book your DJ Live for the summer. We’ll provide you with a free and customized quote and guide you through every step of organizing your event.

Discover our DJ Live :


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