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Our music live band in Paris for your corporate event, gala evening, wedding, wedding jewish .... Lo

It's at the Eiffel Dock that our works council music live band has recently had the honor of performing.

The private orchestra Your Dream Band was indeed entrusted with the event animation of an evening of outstanding company, organized by a large automobile financial group.

Our orchestra of corporate parties has created an atmosphere of madness in this essential place of Parisian nights.

1500 guests to put at ease and move! Thanks to our varied repertoire, our high-end musical orchestra has been able to adapt to the needs of the event by offering a high-quality consumer music, perfectly interpreted.

Our musicians and talented singers with Stephan the winner of The Voice have indeed proposed a repertoire ranging from jazz to pop, through variety and soul.

Good mood, dynamism, energy and talent once again animated our exceptional team.

For all your events, private parties, works councils, award ceremony, wedding Paris, our luxury orchestra of private events will be happy to put its talent at your service!

Because we know the importance of the success of your corporate events, our event animation orchestra in Paris will live up to the trust you place in it.

From cocktail to party, Your Dream Band ensures a sparkling, friendly, warm, punchy or crazy atmosphere according to your wishes!

Our professional musicians and singers specialize in the success of your events: wedding, corporate event, private concert ...

If you are looking for an upscale private orchestra for your corporate parties, Christmas tree, product inauguration, do not hesitate, Your Dream Band is the dream team you need to succeed your event for sure !

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